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The checking of ID documents often requires more than a simple visual control. 
Let’s take advantage of back-to-school season to review our verification and inspections skills. According to Keesing’s Document experts there are levels of control when checking ID documents.

Here is what you need to know about each of the 3 levels of control:


First (basic) level: Frontoffice staff need tob e able to conduct an ID check

All front office staff in organizations such as car rentals, police, immigration, financial institutions play a key role in the authentication and prevention of fraud in identity documents, residence permits and driving licenses. These individuals are required to have sound knowledge basic security features in identity documents. They also need basic checking tools (e.g. a reference database, a magnifier, a 365 nm UV light) to be able to conduct a thorough primary check of identity documents.


Second (advanced) level: Backoffice staff investigate (doubtful) ID documents thoroughly

When front office staff members are in doubt about the authenticity of an identity document they should refer to their back office, who have a high level identity document skills, extensive knowledge about security as well as advanced checking equipment (e.g a microscope, a reference database, a magnifier and 365 nm and 254 nm UV lights). They should be knowledgeable about the latest printing and personalization techniques, and should be able to investigate any doubtful identity documents.


Third (expert) level: Experts/forensics examine and give a second opinion on the authenticity of the ID document

When there is a need for a written report on the investigation and the examined document is suspicious, the identity document in question can be sent to a team of dedicated document specialists/document experts (forensics laboratory). These staff members support their back office colleagues with up-to-date, in-depth knowledge on new developments, technicalities and trends in forging identity documents. They also provide a second opinion on document investigations to their colleagues in the back office.


Curious about these three levels of control when checking ID documents and how we can be of help? Our ID checking solutions can help you conduct thorough and effective ID checks at all three levels.  

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