Discover the easiest window documents security checking

In everyday life we’re confronted to technology which is based on complicated theory and principle, but this complicated science is transformed into a simple concept for everybody. As an example, the smartphone is in every hand, but how many people know the concentrated science inside a smartphone? The answer is few people, and that’s normal. We don’t want complicated object, we just want a powerful and efficient object, whatever is based on complex science. For the optical document security, it is the same principle. A complicated theory and manufacturing process dedicated to ease the control of a document. It’s what we do in SURYS. 

Our last development keep this important goal in mind: it’s based on the management on plasmonic resonance modes and their specific scattering losses. But the concept reveal a very easy to check effect. Surys has done some pioneer work in plasmonic resonance, let’s remember the ODS 2012 conference when we reveal for the first time the Extraordinary Optical Transmission applied to a security document document. We’d continued our pioneer work by disclosing in 2014 a specific structure changing the color of the reflected light by a 90° rotation (as the well-known DID™ do) due to plasmonic resonance. In 2016, the last release of Surys is a combination of reflective and transmissive component based on plasmonic resonance. 

This new component dedicated to secure the windowed document is combining complex optical structure in order to offer a great experience to a viewer. Two areas of different colors will permute theirs colors by simply turning the component upside down! The next step of control will consist in tilting the document, like we do when we observe an OVI (optically variable ink) in order to observe the variation of both colors into a similar one. The last part of the control will be the observation of the same variable color in transmission.

This new type of control meets the ultimate rule of optical document security: “hard to counterfeit, easy to authenticate”. Thanks to the eye-catching effect, this new tremendous optical structure will be easy to recognize and easy to check even for unwary people.

Jean Sauvage