To be or not to be valued by Nationals

Category: Identity

According to Cartor, countries showcase their archaeological discoveries on new stamps. Similarly, Passports can be considered as a window opened on the country, a condensed visitor guide.

Beyond doubt, a passport is not just the sesame for travelling abroad but a precious document making its holder an ambassador of his own country. As such, each traveler must be proud of holding it and present upon request to custom officers or any other inspectors.

2 main aspects may motivate people:

– First, the technology embedded in the passport which demonstrates the country commitment in tomorrow technological future. This aspect is usually a bit specialist  exclusive, but some countries such as Belgium or more recently Oman have done very interesting efforts to educate people by describing first level security features inside the document.

– Second aspect is supported by all the design elements that reflect cultural assets, famous historical figures or hallmarks and above all, national values. Genius passport designer will play with these elements and have them supported by various technologies available.

Holograms are by nature visual elements that can marry these 2 aspects. They can address a large audience thanks to their technical and aesthetic features pleasing both technical and artistic characters. They also bring a touch of fun with the ludic animations that possibly find a wide playing area when the passport is fully protected by a laminate : Flip/flop up/bottom; tilt left/right and then 90° rotation. Examining a passport is like dancing Macarena.

A nice passport is not to be stock in your safe but on your best shelf under good illumination to have it admired by your neighbors. That’s what we will do in coming shows (HSP Asia will be our next opportunity)

Other key points making the value of passports will be considered in further posts.

Françoise Daniel