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Banknotes are beautiful; like music, paintings, jewelry, they are inspiring; they are the proud of a nation, the mirror of their history, the skyline of their future. They are a concentrate of creativity, spirit, science and legacy; the most talented artists, ancient techniques carried over thru civilizations, secretly known by a handful population, all work devotedly to design this piece of art and create what people still loves so much in our world 3.0 : banknote. 

But banknote mostly means money, hardly earned, gifted, or inherited, they are the companion of our daily life at grocery, taxi, pharmacy, bakery…

A banknote is a country’s most valuable and important form of payment. It must include security features easy to authenticate, highly resistant to counterfeiting and nicely integrated into the design of the Note. 

Visuals effects revealed in a banknote remain the smarter and faster way for immediate authentication by public. High level security holographic features, when properly integrated in the note design, are the most eye catching features ever. 

Selecting latest technologies, engineering the design and integration of the security features with the document background, while considering ergonomics of the authentication control and aesthetics of the document is the challenge for designing the best resistant document against fraud. It is precisely this one right-minded combination that will both decrease the rate of fake notes and increase the rate of successful document control for a more significant contribution to the fight against fraud and counterfeit. 

Central banks can also support their communication on their banknotes’ new security features with applications available on smart phones and tablets : informing nationals and tourists on the country’s banknote securities and guide the users on how to check their notes is showing care for people and giving confidence and trust in the money.

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Corinne Murcia Giudicelli